Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dan Schuebert

Dan grew up in a family with one sister and no brothers. He mostly lived with his mom growing up. So how does a man who comes from a small family marry into 9 sisters and not go insane you ask? You pretty much have to be a saint, which he just happens to be. So one hour we are eating dinner with his family which is like 8 people and there is one conversation around the whole table. You can actually hear dishes clink against each other. And here's something different people use their manners. It's a different side of life I never had until I married Dan. Then the next hour we are eating with my family, which consists of 15+ people, half of those people are standing because there aren't enough seats, 9 conversations (or more), people yelling across the room because someone is needed in another conversation. Lots of food, can't forget the glorious food. We all have manners we are just so comfortable with each other I guess we forget from time to time to use them. It's such sweet wonderful fun chaos that I thrive in. Somehow Dan fits right in to the madness that is my family. How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eat until I die

Watch this Clip. My oldest sister Tyrie used to work at Papa Johns in Edwardsville. There was this time when they had a few orders for pizzas and no one came to pick them up. So there were 7 pizzas and 9 of us (cricket was still pretty little I think) so basically we each got our own pizza. Now we never went hungry like Donald and Goofy were in this clip, but I think sometimes we felt like we did as teenagers. So here we are and we are hanging out in the Papa Johns parking lot and each of us take a box and go sit on the curb to eat our pizza. I bet our eyes were about as big as those pizzas. It was awesome! I'm gonna eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until I die!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I see my generation and the lack of work ethic they have, and I feel for older generations. They all do the least amount of work they can get by to keep their jobs. Then I see that they are reproducing and raising kids and I just think “We’re all gonna die” (min 6:13) like in Atlantis. Only Milo did have work ethic but he was leading a huge band of people who were all depending on him. Its scary that this lazy generation is bringing up the next gang of kids who are going to be our leaders.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tooth fairy

I don't know if I need to have a title for every post I do... according to my journal this happened 25 Sept. My mom was in Illinois (I'm in Idaho) and Cricket, my youngest sister 12, lost a tooth. So my mom called me and asked me to play tooth fairy for her. When I was little I'm pretty sure we got a quarter but anyways, so I waited til like 11 at night. Cricket was sleeping in my basement so I was walking down the stairs and I swear every stinking stair creeks on that staircase. So I'd go down a stair and listen and go down a stair and listen, til finally made it to the bottom. I went to her bed and slid the dollar partly under her pillow and apparently my hand is pretty fat because it made it so she moved. Well I flipped out and ran into the wall behind me and hit my elbow and then yelped a little. So I quick left the room until she wasn't moving anymore. Then I went back in and put the dollar more securely under her pillow. Now it was time for the escape, so I went up the stairs two at a time but I'm pretty sure that made the creaking louder. So which is worse more times of creaking or less times and louder? Well the next morning at breakfast I had to remind her that the tooth fairy had come twice! She's sort of a zombie when she wakes up though.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tiny Cupcake

I was at work pretty slap happy on a Friday, and Don, a co salesman brought some cookies and mini cupcakes, and so I walked over and was like "Those are tiny cupcakes! You done been shrunk tiny cupcake!" and started cracking up. Like in Despicable Me only Vector doesn't crack up laughing. So now ever since then we say that all the time.


Here we are living. You will hear all about it soon. love