Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dan Schuebert

Dan grew up in a family with one sister and no brothers. He mostly lived with his mom growing up. So how does a man who comes from a small family marry into 9 sisters and not go insane you ask? You pretty much have to be a saint, which he just happens to be. So one hour we are eating dinner with his family which is like 8 people and there is one conversation around the whole table. You can actually hear dishes clink against each other. And here's something different people use their manners. It's a different side of life I never had until I married Dan. Then the next hour we are eating with my family, which consists of 15+ people, half of those people are standing because there aren't enough seats, 9 conversations (or more), people yelling across the room because someone is needed in another conversation. Lots of food, can't forget the glorious food. We all have manners we are just so comfortable with each other I guess we forget from time to time to use them. It's such sweet wonderful fun chaos that I thrive in. Somehow Dan fits right in to the madness that is my family. How did I get so lucky?

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