Monday, October 24, 2011

Tooth fairy

I don't know if I need to have a title for every post I do... according to my journal this happened 25 Sept. My mom was in Illinois (I'm in Idaho) and Cricket, my youngest sister 12, lost a tooth. So my mom called me and asked me to play tooth fairy for her. When I was little I'm pretty sure we got a quarter but anyways, so I waited til like 11 at night. Cricket was sleeping in my basement so I was walking down the stairs and I swear every stinking stair creeks on that staircase. So I'd go down a stair and listen and go down a stair and listen, til finally made it to the bottom. I went to her bed and slid the dollar partly under her pillow and apparently my hand is pretty fat because it made it so she moved. Well I flipped out and ran into the wall behind me and hit my elbow and then yelped a little. So I quick left the room until she wasn't moving anymore. Then I went back in and put the dollar more securely under her pillow. Now it was time for the escape, so I went up the stairs two at a time but I'm pretty sure that made the creaking louder. So which is worse more times of creaking or less times and louder? Well the next morning at breakfast I had to remind her that the tooth fairy had come twice! She's sort of a zombie when she wakes up though.

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